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Point and Figure Charts: Helping Traders Find Better Opportunities for 100+ Years

Point and Figure charts have been used by the most successful traders since the days of Jesse Livermore and Richard D. Wyckoff. Virtually all investment companies and hedge fund managers provide Point and Figure charting solutions to their traders. Why do so many professional traders still rely on Point and Figure charts as their primary or secondary charting option?

Simple to Read Buy/Sell Signals Trendlines

The Point and Figure method filters out unnecessary market noise and presents clear trendlines and signals. This lets you focus your attention on the most important stock moves. Point and Figure traders have a better understanding of supply and demand in the market because p&f charts focus directly on this relationship.

Powerful Point and Figure Patterns

Point and Figure patterns have a real advantage compared to other market indicators. Independent research on these patterns has proven them to be a more effective way of predicting future prices. Learn more about Point and Figure patterns such as: Double Bottom, Double Top, Triple Bottom, Triple Top, Catapult, and many more.

Relative Strength

Point and Figure charts are also a great way to invest using the top-down investment strategy. Relative Strength charts show how strong your investment is compared to any other investment or group of investments. This makes it very easy to choose the right investment that is also in a strong sector or market. Using this method, you can choose the stock, sector, and market that are becoming bullish together, thus compounding potential gains.

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