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Yes, You can beat the market with our Professional Advisory Services. Pin-point the exact time to buy and sell, and know what to trade. We offer P&F Charts, Stock Picks, Relative Strength Analysis and Market Timing.

We make you a better trader with our tools, training and services. We provide the Point and Figure trading strategy with online P&F charts and Relative Strength analysis. Along with market timing indicators that are proven to beat the market. You can do it yourself, or let us do it for you.

We will give you a filtered list of the best stocks, in the best sectors and pinpoint the best time to be buying and selling. This lets you trade without stress or effort - And lets you beat the market!

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Successful trading will give you financial freedom

When you beat the market you will get positive life changing results. No doubt about it.

But trading the wrong way often leaves most people broke, utterly confused, perhaps almost paralyzed by the sheer amount of things and details to take into consideration. There are usually too many choices. All the different stocks and instruments to trade. All the different brokers, software and trading platforms. All the different indicators, strategies, systems and information. And all the market rumors and "tips". We think less is more. You only need to know what to buy and when to buy it.

If you are not able to confidently decide what to buy and when to buy it, then you are unfortunately very likely to do poorly in the markets. There are no two ways about it. Studies have shown that a large majority of traders unfortunately do very poorly in the markets.

If you're not confidently able to answer the "million dollar questions" - what to buy, and when to buy - then chances are that you are also going to do poorly. You probably already know that.

There are solutions to this problem - and luckily you have found the best solution. We know of no better way to trade the markets than by using our top-performing strategies that have been proven by independent research and stood the test of time for hundreds of years.

We provide a simple way to beat the markets

Momentum trading has been one of very few consistently successful trading strategies through history, and we have the best tools and services to make momentum trading simple and effortless.

Our mission here at pointandfigure.com is to provide you with a complete solution that will let you beat the markets. Our advisors prepare continuous professional analysis based on our 100% systematic, market beating algorithms. You can choose to have our analysts and advisors do the work for you, or you can learn how to do your own analysis.

We will teach you our successful methods and let you use our proprietary techniques so that you can do the analysis yourself, unless you want to have us do everything for you.

If you rather get everything done for you, then you can simply have our advisors provide you the professional analysis conveniently through the web app or by email. You can learn by looking over our shoulders, and be confident that you trade using a systematic method that works, that you understand, and that you can apply successfully in the markets without effort or stress.

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Here's how our solution will help you:

You can use the same tools as the professionals to know when, and what to buy or sell short. Our Market Gauge gives you the best time to buy and sell. Our stock scanner finds the best trading signals. Our Relative Strength ranking tools picks the best performing stocks and sectors. Know when to trade and when to stay out.

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Know what to buy or sell

Just run the Stock Scanner to find and rank the strongest stocks with current trading signals: Buy and Sell alerts. Strongest/weakest stocks & sectors.

Know when to buy

When the Market Gauge tells you that the market is bullish or very bullish, and the best and strongest stocks are showing the Buy signals.

Know when to sell

When the Market Gauge tells you that the market is bearish you should sell your positions and collect the profits. Then just wait until the Market Gauge turns bullish again - rinse and repeat.

Know when to stay out or when to sell short

When the Market Gauge tells you that the market is bearish or very bearish. During this time the entire market is in a down trend.

Let's go through everything that you will get:

You will get one of the most successful trading methods of all time. Proven by research and time. This strategy has now finally been improved to work in the modern era of online trading. This is one of few consistently successful trading strategy available.

Included is a complete one-month on-boarding, training and support package. Learn how to do everything yourself if you want to. You will fully understand how to do the analysis. All training classes are being recorded and you get a video account so you can log in at any time to study at your own pace. We also have Q&A sessions where your questions are answered.

You can also have us do the "heavy lifting" for you. Just let our analysts do the work for you and provide the results to you through email, or through the website or the mobile app.

You will get the same time-saving tools that the professionals use; stock scanners that find the best stocks to trade right now based on trading signals and technical qualities. You will get Relative Strength tools that find stocks that outperform the market: The RS Matrix and our own proprietary Relative Strength Ranking. These are the same relative strength tools used by Nasdaq and trading funds.

You will get our proven trading signals that tell you when to buy and sell, and when to stay out. We provide 4 different market timing indicators - each proven to beat the market on its own. But we go further than that. We combine these 4 timing indicators in our composite Market Gauge that lets you see the status of the entire market instantly with just a quick glance. There is no longer a need for you to learn time-consuming market analysis.

You will get the stock ranking tools that filters for the strongest stocks that are likely to move the furthest and the fastest during bullish markets. In bearish markets it also finds the best stocks to sell short.

You will have access to our analysts and traders, and you can ask questions or seek advise at any time. We know that starting out with online trading can be daunting to say the least, but we can help you every step on the way, whether its choosing the best broker to open a trading account with, or getting help with analysing a stock or deciding which stock to trade - we got your back and we want to help.

As you can see, our tools really answer the million dollar questions that you need the answers to: what to buy and when to buy. Secure your financial freedom and get life changing results already today. Get started now by clicking the buttom below.

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