Top-Down Method

step-by-step | 1/11/2018
Today we have written an article that will be very important for swing traders and position traders to read. It outlines a very good trading method, along with step-by-step analysis. Read about the top-down method now.

Presentation: Online P&F charts and scanner

Save time and effort | 1/1/2018

A quick 1 minute presentation of the P&F charts and P&F pattern scanner. Tools used successfully by traders. This will help you save time and minimize the effort of finding great trades.


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Article on the basics of swing trading


A new article has been published.

This time we go through the basics of a profitable trading system, with a real trading signal described.

Basics of swing trading

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New article on Swing trading vs. Day trading

12/20/2017 | Comments: 1

We published a new article on Swing trading vs. Day trading. Our P&F method of technical analysis is based on swing trading. With point and figure we have a complete trading system with entry signals, exit signals and clear stop loss levels.

Swing trading is also where the big money is. You can make hundreds of thousands in day trading, but in order to trade really large positions you will have to swing trade in to get the liquidity needed.

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